Saturday, September 27, 2008

CD Oberena 3-2 CD River Ega

Two goals from Captain Fantastic, Ruben Gil, just before half-time, and an excellent 89th minute winner from Pello Zabalza, won this enthralling encounter against River Ega today.

The game started at a fast pace, with both sides attacking from the first whistle, but it was the visitors who opened the scoring through Cristian, in the 31st minute. Oberena chased the equaliser, and eight minutes later, Ruben Gil drew the teams level. One minute before half-time, Gil put the manguiverdes in front, and the teams went in at the break with Oberena leading.

Imanol equalised for Ega in the 64th minute, and in the final 25 minutes, both sides gave their all for the winner. Last season, the manguiverdes were on the receiving end of several last-minute goals which lost them crucial points, but today it was their turn to grab a late winner, when Pello Zabalza netted in the 89th minute.

In the remaining moments of the game, River Ega protested furiously to the referee, but strangely, the only bookings of the game went to Ripodas, Lecertua, and Mendivilla of Oberena.

CD Oberena: Beorlegui, Lecertua, Ruiz, San Martin, Ripodas, Gil, Zubillaga, (Varea 90th), Mediavilla, Markuleta, (Remacha 42nd, pictured), Zabalza, Pardos, (Barbero 73rd).

Attendance: 200
Photo courtesy of Iban Aguinada, Diario De Noticias.

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