Saturday, September 06, 2008

CD Iruña 2-2 CD Oberena

Oberena won their first point of the season today, following a 2-2 draw with Iruña in Paternain.

The manguiverdes found themselves a goal behind in the 8th minute, but equalised in the 25th through new signing Mikel Marculeta. They fell behind again, just three minutes before the break, but a penalty from Pello Zabalza, (pictured), in the 76th restored parity.

Neither side looked like grabbing a winner in the remaining minutes, but Oberena will be the happier of the two to win a point.

CD Oberena: Azofra, Lecertua, Berruete, San Martin, Ripodas, Gil, Remacha, (Barbero 77th), Mediavilla, (Diaz de Rada 60th), Marculeta, Ruiz, (Zubillaga 45th), Zabalza.

Booked: Lecertua, Barbero.

Attendance 120

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