Saturday, August 28, 2010

C D Oberena 3-1 C D Pamplona

Game one of the new season today, and three points in the bag, thanks to a comprehensive 3-1 defeat of city rivals Pamplona.

The Manguiverdes were off the mark two minutes after half-time, thanks to a penalty from new signing from CD Amigo, Sergio Cruz, and despite Pamplona pulling level in the 61st minute, goals from Beruete (64th), and Remacha, (81st), won the game for Oberena.

CD Oberena: Asin, Bermejo, Ruiz, (Pardos 82nd), Ziganda, Beruete, Ganuza, Ilincheta, Briñol, Remacha, Cruz, (Leache 75th), Miranda, (Markuleta 66th).

Bookings: Asin 46th Cruz 68th.

Attendance: 200
Black and white photo courtesy of Javier Sesma.

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