Sunday, March 22, 2009

CD Oberena 3-0 CD Huarte

Two goals from Zabalza, (above), and a third from captain Ruben Gil, capped a solid performance from Oberena today.

Against a Huarte side which has slipped further down the table in recent weeks, the manguiverdes never looked in trouble, but found the visitors a hard nut to crack. The first goal from Zabalza came in the 70th minute, with the second, a penalty, three minutes from time. Gil's strike came three minutes into injury time.

CD Oberena: Azofra, Lecertua, (Beruete 87th), Ruiz, San Martin, Ripodas, Ganuza, Remacha, (Pardos 91st), Gil, Markuleta, Zabalza, Mediavilla, (Moler 82nd).

Booked: Lecertua, San Martin, Gil, Mediavilla.

Attendance: 100

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