Saturday, October 04, 2008

CD Oberena 2-4 CD Lourdes

Oberena missed out on a chance of keeping within touching distance of the league leaders today, going down 4-2 at home to Lourdes.

In an action packed encounter, the manguiverdes were three goals down by the half-hour mark, and had lost one player, Mediavilla, (pictured),and coach Pastrana, who were both sent off after the third goal.

Despite this, goals from Zabalza (33rd), and Remacha (41st) brought them back into the game, but a fourth from Lourdes eleven minutes from the end, put paid to any chance of salvaging a point.

CD Oberena: Beorlegui, Lecertua, Ruiz, Lecumberri, (Pardos 65th), Beruete, Gil, Zubillaga, (Ganuza 78th), Mediavilla, Remacha, Zabalza, Diaz de Rada, (Barbero 65th).

Booked: Ruiz, Lecumberri, Zabalza, Ganuza.

Sent Off: Mediavilla, Pastrana (ent).

Attendance 150

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