Sunday, September 21, 2008

Peña Azagresa 2-0 CD Oberena

Fielding three debutants, Oberena today became the first club to lose against 3rd division newcomers Peña Azagresa, (pictured). The defeat leaves the manguiverdes in 16th position with four points.

The game was balanced until the 65th minute, when Sobejano opened the scoring, and twenty minutes later Juan put the result beyond doubt.

CD Oberena: Azofra, Lecertua, Beruete, Lekunberri, Ripodas, Ganuza, (Markuleta 70th), Barbero, (Pardos 75th), Diaz, (Varea 70th), Remacha, Zabalza, Mediavilla.

Joaquin Lekunberri Napal, Pablo Pardos Ancin and Mario Ganuza Aranaz were the players making their first appearance for Oberena.

Booked: Azofra, Varea.

Attendance: 350

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