Sunday, May 11, 2008

CD Aoiz 1-0 CD Oberena

The last but one game of an average season, saw Oberena lose again, this time to an Aoiz side lying just above the manguiverdes in tenth place.

In front of just 75 spectators, the only goal was scored by ex-Oberena player, Dani Oroz in the 78th minute.

Following a collision, Ruben Gil and Aoiz player Turillo were taken to hospital, where it was thought that the Oberena top scorer from last season, had broken his cheekbone.

CD Oberena: Azofra, Jauregui, Izko, (Mediavilla 64th), Marrachina, Ripodas, Gil, (Borda 35th), Barbero, (Zubillaga 81st), Varea, (pictured), Remacha, Zabalza, Jaurrieta.

Attendance 75

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