Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Next up.........CD Idoya

This Saturday, Oberena play host to CD Idoya, who play in the Iturtxipia Stadium, Oteiza de la Solana.

Idoya have won only once in the last 12 games, and currently sit in 18th position with 20 points. Ex-Oberena striker Javier Torrano has scored once for them this season.

The club have spent a fair amount of time in the lower Regional divisions, and last played in the Tercera in season 2001/2, notching up a 2-0 win over the manguiverdes in Oteiza, and drawing 1-1 in Pamplona.

Earlier this season, Oberena won 2-1, and they will be looking to build on last week's win and claim another three points.
Aupa Oberena!!!

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