Thursday, March 20, 2008

CD Murchante 2-1 CD Oberena

The dismal run of bad luck continued for Oberena today, as the manguiverdes more than matched their opponents throughout the match, but yet again lost to a late goal.

With Jon Azofra re-installed between the posts, Oberena went a goal down in the 23rd minute through Josemi. Despite equalising in the 64th through Remacha, (pictured), Josemi scored his second three minutes from time to give the home team the points.

CD Oberena: Azofra, Cholo, Izco, Ziganda, Ripodas, Gil, Jaurrieta, (Moler 80th), Jauregui, Zubillaga, Remacha, (Mundinano 80th), Zabalza.

Attendance 200

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