Thursday, November 29, 2007

CD Haro 2-2 CD Oberena

Jose Mari Beorlegui

Having won the Copa Navarra earlier in the season, Oberena qualified for the Copa Federacion, a competition comprising the winners of the various Provincial Cups.

Tonight they made the short journey south to La Rioja, to play against CD Haro, currently sitting in 4th place in Tercera Grupo 16.

Coach Mendivil gave debuts to two promising youngsters, Pablo Pardos and Jose Mari Beorlegui, and the team performed magnificently, securing a 2-2 draw, which puts them in a good position for the return leg in Pamplona in December.

A penalty from Koldo in the 23rd was all that separated the teams at the break. Haro equalised in the 60th, but a penalty from Ruben Gil who had replaced Koldo just six minutes previously put the manguiverdes back in front with just eight minutes to play. However, Haro equalised right on time, to square the match.

CD Oberena: Jose Mari, Ilundain, David, Ripodas, Izko, Koldo, (Ruben Gil 76th), Varea, Jauregui, Jaurrieta, (Beorlegui 69th), Pablo, Moler, (Zubillaga 83rd).

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