Tuesday, August 21, 2007


In June 2007, the Scottish Supporters Club made the trip to Pamplona to see their friends, and introduce the newest member to the delights of the city.

Having been met at the bus station by Angel, and out-going coach Javier Urizar, we spent a fantastic few days catching up with everyone, attending a magnificent night in a local txoko, visiting the CA Osasuna training ground, and presenting the Goalscorer Of The Year award at the Oberena complex. We also visited the world-famous 'Garrick' Pub in Iturrama, where landlord and club president Javier Pellegrin made us most welcome.
Pictured: Top......Ruben Gil accepts his Goleador award from the Supporters Club Chairman, while club President Javier Pellegrin looks on.
Middle.....Assembled guests at Sr Urizar's txoko.
A great time was held by all, and we look forward to the coming season and success for the manguiverdes.
Aupa Oberena!!!

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