Saturday, April 28, 2007

CD Oberena 1-2 UDC Txantrea

Without many first-team regulars in the side, Oberena lost 2-1 this evening, but did not disgrace themselves.

Forced to play several youth team players due to suspension and injury, the manguiverdes did take an 8th minute lead through Sadaba.

Txantrea scored twice before the break, in the 31st and 38th minutes, and although Oberena played well in the second half, they could not find an equaliser.

However, with young players of the calibre of those on show tonight, the future looks good for Oberena.

CD Oberena: Montoro, Ancizu, Moler, Gozalo, (Mediavilla 46th), Ripodas, Varea, Sadaba, Jauregui, Oroz, Remacha, (Mundinano 65th), Ruiz, (Andoni 57th).

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