Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Back to Business

With the plantilla having returned safely to Pamplona, thoughts now turn to the remaining eight games of the season, and the pursuit of points.

This weekend, the manguiverdes host sixth-placed CD Aluvion, who sit eleven points above them. In the previous encounter in November, the men from Pamplona won all three points thanks to a Ruben Gil goal four minutes from the end.

Since then, the team from Cascante has gone from strength-to-strength, and will be difficult to beat. Top scorer is Angel Falces Magno, with 18 goals.


gelete00 said...

Hello Graham, I'm Ángel. Thank you for everything in our visit to you and your family. We had a very good time and we're very happy to know that we have a very good friend in Scotland, who loves Oberena. Thank you and see you soon.

koldinni said...

Hey Graham, I'm Koldo.
Thanks a lot for everything you did with us. We spent a marvellous days in your country, in spite of the long travel on bus. Your country is beautifull and I hope I could be another time there but it could be great travelling by plane, 2.200 km are too much to repeat on bus.
Be sure you've another friend in Pamplona and I'll be pleased to help you when you come here if you need.
Pleased to meet you and your family, and thank u one more time.
Be happy and see you later.
P.D: Sorry for my english

Arriaga said...

Kaixo Angel and Koldo!!!

Thanks for your comments. It was great to see the plantilla in Scotland, and I hope to welcome you back next season to play a couple of games.

See you in Pamplona in the summer.


ps....Your English is muy bien!!