Tuesday, January 16, 2007

CD Murchante 2-1 CD Oberena

Oberena lost further ground on the leading clubs today, going down 2-1 against a Murchante side who played almost 70 minutes with only ten men.

In an action-packed first twenty minutes, the manguiverdes found themselves a goal down in the 11th minute, and further behind in the 19th. Two minutes later, the scorer of the first, Da Silva, was dismissed. Another five Murchante players were booked before the end, as was Capell of Oberena.

Gil scored a consolation in the 61st, and although Oberena pressed hard, they could not find an equaliser.

CD Oberena: Montoro, Capell (Lopez 36th), Ziganda, Garriz, Gozalo, Gil, Zuasti, Jauregui Remacha, Borda, Sadaba (Oroz 56th).

Attendance: 200

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