Monday, October 16, 2006

CD Oberena 1-1 CD Izarra

Oberena yesterday continued to show signs that they should finish in the top four come the end of the season.

The men from Pamplona showed that they were a match for Izarra, who started the game in second place.

In an equal first half, chances were few and far between, but in the 64th minute, Oberena scored a penalty to go in front, Mendioroz taking the kick.

However, the lead was short lived, and seven minutes later Izarra were level, through a goal by Alberto Zabaleta.

Towards the end, referee Arcaya booked Lopez of Oberena, and three players from Izarra, as well as showing the red card to the coach of the team from Estella, Miguel Gonzalez.

CD Oberena: Ander, Capell, Gozalo, Garriz, Gil, Jauregui, Jaurrieta, Borda (Inigo Lopez 54th), Mendioroz, Moler, Oroz (Remacha 79th).

Attendance 300

Picture courtesy of CD Oberena

Next week, Oberena continue their quest for points, with yet another tough game, away to Lourdes in Tudela. They have now played against four of the top five teams in the league, and have shown great improvement with each game.

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