Thursday, September 21, 2006

Publicity in the 'Diario'

Thanks to my friend, Inigo Gonzalez Fernandez, the Oberena Blog was given some publicity on page 41 of today's edition of 'Diario de Navarra'.

I hope that people will visit the site, and will leave a message in the 'comments' section.

Gracias Inigo!!


ganix said...

I have known about your blog through "Diario", and I would like to help you in the development of this page about Oberena. We could include a section "player's profile" with data and images of current Oberena players , and a "Hall of Fame" with a brief profile of great all time Oberena stars, from Ignacio Zoco and Pedro Zabalza to recent Patxi Puñal, Fernando Subero or Mikel Jubera. I'm a supporter of Oberena and also a great fan of Scottish football (especially Hibs & Aberdeen FC, and some players like Tommy Hutchison).

Best wishes and Aupa Oberena

Arriaga said...

Kaixo Ganix!!!

Yes, this is an excellent idea. Send me an e-mail so I can contact you and we can begin to post other interesting features about Oberena.